纳什维尔有很多办公室, Tennessee and the surrounding area opted to have employee’s work from home as we all weathered through the COVID-19 pandemic. For over a year now this has been one of the many hassles associated with this past year but now, it looks like light can finally be seen at the end of the tunnel. 随着限制开始解除, businesses in all industries are opening up once again as things slowly return to pre-pandemic ways. 

随着事情慢慢恢复正常, it’s important to establish an effective commercial cleaning strategy at work. Not only is this important to keep COVID-19 and other illnesses at bay, but it is also important to inspire confidence in workers and any clients coming into your business establishment.



在你的员工重返工作岗位之前, it’s a great idea to get a deep cleaning done to be certain that various germs and things like COVID-19 that may be lingering around are eliminated. 在10bet中文网, we can provide deep cleaning services to completely get rid of 99.9%的细菌和病毒来自所有表面. We not only combat germs through our regular cleaning services, but also through 静电消毒. By providing this at your place of work before employees return, all surfaces—including the hard to reach ones—will be disinfected. Later in this article, we will explain exactly how 静电消毒 works.

积极主动地进行经常性的深层清洁 & 安全

在深度清洁之后, it’s important to stay on top of things and make sure both employees and clients feel safe. The last thing you want to do is to get complacent and experience any type of illness in your workplace. 毕竟, we’re all familiar with how easily COVID-19 spreads via respiratory droplets from actions such as talking, 唱歌, 咳嗽, 和打喷嚏. 

And COVID-19 isn’t the only thing that can spread from people touching infected surfaces and then touching their eyes or mouth. In work environments, viruses and bacteria spread from cross-contamination all the time. An example of cross-contamination is where someone spreads germs from things such as a bathroom fixture to a doorknob in a common workspace, 每个人都有可能受到感染. If a thorough and effective cleaning routine isn’t followed at work, it is only a matter of time before cross-contamination spreads, 导致病假和工作效率低下.

有一个清洁的策略将建立工人的信心 & 客户

When employees are aware that you are effectively implementing a cleaning strategy, 他们会感到更安全, 自信, 工作起来也很舒服. 在这个不确定的时代, you’ll be showing initiative and leadership by showing that you care about their health and wellbeing, 不仅仅是工作场所. 这种展示也会提高员工的士气, 因为他们会看到你是真心关心他们的. 另外, clients will also feel less anxious stopping by your workplace to do business with you, 当他们确信你有效的清洁程序.


在10bet中文网, we work on cleaning projects of all scopes and sizes with businesses in all industries here in and around 纳什维尔, TN. 从医院, 学校, 大型仓库, 常见的企业, 常见的企业, 在这之间的一切,我们都做得很彻底 清洁及消毒服务.

Some of the cleaning services we can provide you with include the following:


A deep cleaning from us involves something we mentioned earlier in this article called 静电消毒. This disinfectant method gets to even the hardest to reach surfaces and kills 99.9%的细菌和病毒. 因为大多数表面都带负电荷, this method works by positively charging disinfectant and spraying it. 在做这个, the positively charged disinfectant is drawn to the negatively charged surface and cleanses it.


We provide daily cleanings at business establishments for anyone who wants to stay on top of things. 日常的清洁, we will constantly tackle the mundane daily cleanings along with any hotspots that commonly spread sickness, 比如电脑键盘, 复印机, 马桶冲水处理, 电灯开关, 电梯按钮, 和更多的. 定期清洁和消毒热点地区, illnesses from things such as cross-contamination are much less likely to occur.


Targeted cleanings can be done on areas that get especially dirty and are frequently used. This can be great for places such as bathrooms and certain areas in both warehouses and restaurants. We will make especially sure that these areas receive special attention.


We recognize that each business is different and don’t fall into a one size fit’s all cleaning solution, some requiring specialized attention or even herculean cleaning efforts to get the job done properly.. 在10bet中文网, we work according to your schedule and exact needs in order to put together the best cleaning plan possible to accommodate your facility or office.


在纳什维尔的阿纳戈,我们一直在提供 商业清洁服务超过15年. We are not only very thorough in what we do, but we are passionate about it as well. We’ve worked with businesses both small and large in cleaning projects of all sizes and scopes. All of our cleaning and disinfecting solutions we use also satisfies all CDC and EPA standards. We will work with you to create a customized plan and guarantee your satisfaction.
To get started on your very own customized commercial cleaning strategy, 现在10bet 一位友好的工作人员会帮助您.